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Meet Kitten--she wants catnip and milk and a basket. She also wants a helmet and lasers and a puppy ( ). And she wants to go to Jupiter, with that helmet, those lasers, and said puppy--don't underestimate her. This witty picture book, about longing for what's just out of reach, will appeal to both girls and boys who've always wanted to do the impossible. NO, NO, KITTEN takes flight on the power of imagination and one feline's ambitious dreams.

“Nichols's bold cartoon illustrations capture the impish expressions of the little girl's indefatigable pet and eager sidekick, Puppy, and kids will happily cheer them on in their antics.” –School Library Journal

“Thomas's repetitious almost-rhymes make for a rollicking read-aloud… Nichols' digitally colored illustrations are the real stars of this simple tale of imagination. Kitten's cleanly paced mayhem is exhilarating… This kitten ably proves that misbehaving can get you pretty far.” –Kirkus Reviews

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